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‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,’ — W.B. Yeats

Our school aims to implement a Forest School initiative designed to expose our children to new learning environments. This will encourage their independence, foster their creativity, and enhance their engagement with their learning curriculum.

This outdoor learning programme will benefit all of our students by capturing their interest in learning through discovering the natural world and applying its lessons to the school curriculum. The Forest School initiative will also impact our wider community, as we will deliver the project with the support of community volunteers alongside our school staff. The Forest School initiative will ‘light the fire’ that Yeats wrote about within our students, increasing their level of attainment through compelling, memorable learning experiences.

We are seeing an increasing number of chidlren going through school with a variety of emotional issues. This has made an impact on their educational attainment and their ability to concentrate within the traditional classroom environment. The Forest School initiative would allow us to educate children in an alternative setting.

The Forest School initiative will also offer a specialised learning approach that will cater for each individual pupil’s needs. Sessions with the Forest School will be tailored to suit specific classes, individuals, and break-out groups.

The Forest School initiative will provide our children with hands-on, memorable, practical learning experiences. The project will encourage self-discovery, independence, and problem-solving. It will also nurture friendships and positive working relationships between pupils. The children will have the opportunity to discover our local community and interact with community volunteers.

The independent learning process involved with the Forest School initiative will increase our children’s self-esteem. This will have a positive impact on the pupils’ engagement and attainment across all subjects as they become more comfortable and assured of their abilities. In addition, the alternative learning environment will exercise their imaginations more widely than is possible within the traditional classroom setting. When they are enraptured by their learning environment, the children will develop passion and excitement for learning, increasing their engagement and attainment.

Our pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) will find relief in learning sessions that take place beyond the standard classroom environment. Many children with Special Educational Needs benefit from visual, aural, and olfactory stimulation. Therefore, learning experiences that take place outdoors, surrounded by nature, will be more readily accessible for our children with Special Educational Needs.

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